Start Rewarding Your Kids
for their Good Behavior Right Now

is working towards

Motivate and reward kids with
stars for good behavior


  • Always have your reward chart with you
  • Get distant family members involved
  • Seeing past accomplishments build confidence
  • You'll never forget what you promised them

Keep family in the loop.

Subscribe a child's family members via e-mail and StarChart will send them daily progress reports with a link to your child's online reward chart!

Great for long-distance grandparents, aunties and uncles who don't normally get a peek into the day-to-day of your child.

A chart for each sibling.

Once you sign up you can add charts for other children in your family.

Take StarChart with you.

Because is an online reward chart for kids, you can add a bookmark to your home screen with the custom iPhone & iPad icons. works great in mobile safari.

Mobile-safari Statistics

Total Charts Created: 26,526 Total Stars Earned: 59,992 Family Members Receiving Email Updates: 13,968
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